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If you require installation of TV or other aerials in Collingwood, Victoria, make sure you do your research. You’ll find that Wired Wifi Antenna Solutions can provide the service you are after.

You can contact them here:

Owner: Amgad
Phone: 0423 702 099


Services Provided Include:
  • TV antenna installation
  • antenna maintenance
  • repairs and replacements of aerials
  • tuning
  • Satellite Dish Installation
  • Provision of cables

And everything else you can think to do with Aerial installations and servicing in Collingwood.

Technology has improved greatly over the last 10 years, and while we still need to physically install a new antenna, there are many new devices and tools we can now use to ensure it’s installed correctly and is tuned perfectly.

It makes our life easier, and the more affordable for you to use out services.

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