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Builders Adelaide Hills | Choosing the Best Builder

So it’s time for you to build an extension or pergola. Maybe it’s an entire new home you want to build, or just some timber decking. You need to hire a local Adelaide Hills builder, and they need to be someone you can trust. Here are a few tips to help you screen your builder and ensure they do the right thing.
Tip 1: Research. Do as much research as you can on this particular builder. Search them online and see if their various listings have reviews. The more reviews the better because it allows you to see what they are really like as builders. People tend to only write reviews if they are really happy or extremely unhappy with service. If you find a few unhappy customers, look at their reasons and reviews, and proceed with caution.
Tip 2: Past clients. When you meet your builder, ask for a list of past clients. Now this is a bit of a loaded question, as you know the builders are only going to pass on names and numbers of anyone that is happy with their work. But it can be a bit of a bluff on your part too. If the building company is hesitant, or they can’t instantly provide a few happy customers, then chances are you have more to risk by selecting them as your Adelaide Hills Builders.
If you do get a chance to talk to past customers ask a lot of questions, but make them specific. For example don’t just ask if they were happy or not, ask detailed questions like. Were the tradesmen reliable and punctual? Was the job completed on time? Were there any price discrepancies, i.e. did the goalposts change with variations, additions or anything else that seemed a little unfair?
Tip 3: Past Projects
In addition to past customers, past projects will help you get an idea of the quality and the finishes of this particular builder. In the case of outdoor construction and structures, you may get an idea of how the materials may age, and if timber was treated properly.
If they have display homes, then you would expect them to be immaculate. Check as much as you can and if you are happy, agree to a minimum standard for all the grey areas that cannot be mentioned in the contract.
Tip 4: Don’t Change the Plans: Once you have decided on what plans you want, don’t change them once construction or quotation has commenced. This is where you are vulnerable to a builder adding extra margin on normal costs, and the project itself slows down. Take your time to ensure you are happy with the designs, colours and materials before you get a quotation.
Tip 5: Fixed Price Contracts. Builders love to make extras on variations, changes and extras. By fixing the price of the contract, and not making any changes, there should be no ambiguity and no unforseen costs. If your builder is reluctant to fix the price then you are taking a huge risk.

We hope this advice has helped you on your way to constructing your new home, carport, veranda or outdoor decking. There are some great quality builders in Adelaide Hills out there. Unfortunately you need the right research and the correct contracts to protect you just in case.

For more information visit the Master Builders Association